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Baby Photo Contest Results: The Votes Are In!

posted Feb 28, 2013, 11:03 AM by Cassidy Attleson
Hi, everyone!

  As you know, our Cute Baby Photo Contest closed to voting just before midnight (PST) last night. The vote count is in, and I am so excited to announce the final standings!

Category 1: Newborn - 5 Months

1st Place: Tanya Dodge
2nd Place: Jeannie Oliver
3rd Place: Jessica Farris

Category 2: 6 - 12 Months

1st Place: Amy Hudson
2nd Place: Aryana Sarringar
3rd Place: Jasmine Buduan

  I know I have said it already, but thank you again to all of you for your participation and support in our very first photo contest! All of your submissions were wonderful and I hope you will continue to be a part of our future contests.

  To anyone who missed the opportunity to enter this contest, worry not! We will be starting a whole new contest just as soon as I get the links up! Woohoo! This contest isn't baby specific, but you are certainly welcome to enter photos of your little ones! (Who isn't a sucker for cute baby photos?) Tomorrow begins the month of March, and the countdown to St.Patrick's Day! Let's celebrate with a photo contest! We want to see your best St.Patrick's Day pictures. Be creative. Think green! The photos can be of you, your friends, kids and/or pets in your best Irish gear. The winners will receive a FREE Photo Session including 2 digital images. Yay for free! I'll have the link and all of the info posted back here soon. Good luck, everyone!